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 Hello everyone and welcome to my Blog! 

I am honored you have joined me as I share with you my stories of life and living in Misty Hollow, our wonderful 'hollow within a hollow'. It is truly a little piece of heaven located in the foothills of Roan Mountain, TN.

I have always known writing is my cathartic exercise and you will find I have no boundaries. My stories may be borderline Greek tragedy one minute then plunge to the ridiculous or sublime. Well, sublime may be a bit lofty but I do hope I inspire you on occasion.

I am happily married to an incredible man named Tony who you, as you follow my journey, will agree is deserving of the 'Husband of the Year' award.
He and I are the very proud parents of four adult children, three who are married and have given us our five incredible grandchildren.  

Something else very important I want to share is how, at this juncture of my life, I ended up living in Roan Mountain, TN owning two cabins- Bear and Jakes- each nestled privately in their own surrounding woods amidst a total of twelve gorgeous acres of forest.

In full humble disclosure and was a God thing.

Most of my adult life was consumed with child rearing and investing a lot of time, energy and effort in my community at both the local and state levels. Translated, that means I wore office clothes and heels a vast majority of the time.

I spent several years working with geriatric patients in the nursing home industry. I served on and chaired many business-related committees, served on the Tennessee Higher Education Commission, was honored to be president of two state associations as well as serving for twelve years as a school board member of our local educational system. Also during those final years before retirement, I was honored to be invited to join one of the most highly successful real estate teams in our area. Life was full and fascinating.

As a Christian though, I began to lose my way as the hectic schedule of life shook me off my number one relationship with my Heavenly Father.  Looking back on that time, I was even too busy to hear that still, soft voice within trying to slow me down, refocus me, and get me back on the right path. 

Along with that busy road back then and with time, a series of life crises began to strike. One. And another. And then another. They piled on like anchors weighing me down... physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually debilitating me.

I slowly began to sink into an abyss that threatened to never let me go.

Yet God never once took His eyes off this sparrow. Through those many debilitating incidents and with a huge abundance of God's grace, His everlasting mercy and agape love, my Lord brought me in His perfect timing to this final place of peace and a dramatically different lifestyle. A life from this... this.
As an added gift, He gave me back the time and ability to write, something I had always loved to do but my former life had all but snuffed out.
So here I am today living the blessed life of a retiree, never happier, with a Blog and the ability to reach out to you. I also have the privilege of living in a secluded area with some of the most fascinating, kind and humble mountain people in the world. I do hope you take the time to read about some of my dear friends through my stories.

So to you, my dear readers, whether you choose to nibble or graze at length from the serving up of my words, I am greatly honored and blessed you are here. Most of all, I hope you are filled with a bountiful helping of laughter and blessings from what you may find at my table. 

God Bless Ya! 

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