Sunday, January 24, 2016

Does this Bathroom make my Butt look Big?

We finally witnessed the birth of a new bathroom addition up here at Misty Hollow on the Roan. The pregnancy seemed forever long, the labor quiet difficult but now that she is finally born…it is impossible to tell you how much I love and enjoy her!

The father?  My awesome husband who came to me months ago because he knew how I loved soaking in a hot tub. He said he wanted to add an additional bathroom to Bear cabin as it had nothing but showers to offer.

“Honey, I know how you feel about altering the architectural lines of this old cabin and I agree so I have an alternative plan. We can add your bathroom by enclosing the side porch. We can move the side stairwell to the front of the cabin. But you make a decision first. That would mean your bathroom dimensions would be six feet wide by sixteen feet long. Can you do something with a room that size?”

That's when I became the mother of the project but by golly I also knew I was in over my head and needed help. Thank God, I knew two excellent 'midwives' to assist in this major birth. I immediately called Plumberry Hollow and chatted with the owners, Hope Collins Hall and Patti Mullins, both designers extraordinaire. I want you to meet them.
Pictured above, Hope and Patti, from left to right
I knew Hope and Patti from the beauty and charm of the work they had completed for me in the past and if anyone could pull off bringing such a peculiar shaped bathroom to life, these two could. In addition, this project was going to be time consuming and I already knew these girls were a blast to work with. Both were pumped positive and such fun;  the word 'impossible' was not in their vernacular; there’s no such thing as difficulty to them, just a divinely sent challenge.
Furthermore, listening to their clients and getting a grasp on ‘the vision’ is important to them yet they know how to gently redirect a client if an errant decision is in the making. I know this personally by working with them and was so grateful they saved me from myself a couple of times. In addition, I admired their cute motto…'Junk to Funk'. Hope and Patti can find items others would toss and turn them into incredible works of art. Stay tuned for the coming photos and I will show you what I mean...

When I met with Patti and Hope things became real simple for me. I shared with them my vision for the bathroom. Number one…once built, it had to look like it had always been there so it needed to look aged from the day it was finished. Number two, it needed to coordinate with our master bedroom as the newly installed door was going to connect these two rooms. Number three, I wanted the interior to look like they had picked up the beauty of the surrounding woods and installed it into our home. Now that's a pretty tall order; I knew I couldn't handle it.

I did not give the girls a budget. A knew from past work their designed pieces were reasonable and they wouldn't take advantage of me. 

Then, with a sigh of relief, I turned the entire project over to them and told them they did not need to consult me, just bring the finished furniture items up to the Roan, working in tandem with the project supervisor. That is called raw unbridled trust, my friends.  Hope and Patti had earned that trust. 

In the meantime there were many calls, e-mails and texts between the cabin and their workshop as I would not make one decision concerning my bathroom that I did follow their advice or run by them.

We decided that real tree bark on the walls would be a deeply rich and different texture and would definitely bring the outdoors inside. Regarding flooring, the girls suggested ‘wood tile’. I had never heard of it. It’s down, it’s perfect and Tony and I love it and are getting ready to put it down in another bathroom.  

The bathroom does show off its eclectic beauty, my favorite decorating style, and it brings out my finical love of music.  In the short time my bathroom has been opened for business and while soaking in my tub, I have relaxed to my  favorite operatic tenor, Luciano Pavarotti, may he forever RIP. Then while I lay swaddled in bubbles one night, Dolly Parton, Kenny Rogers and I let go with Islands in the Stream. I have also cut loose to the Best of the 60's while looking forward to my girls-only time with Adele and 'River Lea',  drowning me in my past. 

The antique door separating the bathroom and master bedroom was bought in really bad shape and needed total refurbishing. The missing old glass door knob of that era sent my talented and dedicated buddies on a lengthy wild goose chase; yet, in their case, they found their prize eventually! 

And ya know what was also neat? From the first time Patti and Hope came to Misty Hollow and started working with me, my horse Trig, a member of our family, fell in love with them and they him. When the girls drove up the lane to Bear Cabin, here he would come…hoping for some lovin' and a treat. Below is a photo of Trig pilfering a cup of sweet tea from Hope’s vehicle on their first visit at Misty Hollow while we girls sat on the porch chatting. The result? A bloody mess. Both girls jumped to grab their cellphones to get photos of Trig's theft to put on their Plumberry Hollow website.


Ya know, it is a fact a picture is worth a thousand words so here is the latest addition to our family and the work of these two sharp women...
                                    Click on each photo to enlarge.      

                 Click on the below video for a panoramic view of the bathroom.

As you can see, one can take a side porch and create a long skinny bathroom and it be adorable. And all because I am blessed to be married to a man who is ever sensitive to fulfilling not only my needs but my wants.

This particular 'want' grew into a vision and I, blessed to know two creative, vivacious and git-'er-done kinda gals, was able to carry out my vision.

Thank each of you for joining me as I've opened my home to you. I hope you enjoyed it and may have picked up an idea on a future renovation you may have in mind. And room is too long and skinny; and only diet and exercise can keep my butt from getting too big!

PostScript: If anyone would like further information regarding Plumberry Hollow and owners Hope and Patti please contact them at  

Friday, January 22, 2016

My Kentucky Derby, Preakness, Belmont Stakes and Triple Crown

One of the greatest joys I have while living on Roan Mountain is the daily interaction I have with my horse, General 'Trig' O Nometry.

Trig is a special horse because of his gentlemanly manners with very young children. During my years of owning horses, I've never known of a horse who loved little people more than my beloved 16 hands tall, 1400 pound, coal black Tennessee Walker. strange as it may sound when I bought this handsome gelding I chose him for many incredible traits but the seller never once mentioned Trig's demeanor with children. I didn't learn of that most excellent of equine characteristics until he was bought, delivered and settled in his barn up here on the Roan; then is when the grandchildren began coming up to meet him. Chandler Logan, our first born grandchild- now a college man- fell in love with Trig from the get go.

Savannah was the youngest at that time- God had not yet gifted us with her baby brother, Bowie- and next came Ryleigh and the older of this trio, Emmett. All three adored Trig and he, them. Trig began to wipe out- and does to this day- every step these kids take when up here visiting with Nana and Papa.

The four of them are adorable as the kids scavange around the grounds looking for arrowheads, interesting rocks, buckeyes and anything else that catches their fancy. All the while this huge, huggable horse of mine is right in the middle of the mix and he watches with curiosity their every move. I have finally come to think of the three grand kids as Kentucky Derby, Preakness, and Belmont Stakes with Trig being Triple Crown.

I hope you enjoy this short video taken recently when Savannah and Emmett were spending the weekend with Nana and Papa at Bear Cabin. Spending time together though without Preakness (Ryleigh) is always like having a grilled cheese sandwich without the cheese. Alas, Ryleigh lives near Nashville and doesn't get to come in and join us as often as we wish. Feeling the absence of Ryleigh, Emmett and Savannah asked to join me in Trig's early morning feeding. I offer this clip to let you see how very gentle Trig is with his little buddies.