Friday, January 22, 2016

My Kentucky Derby, Preakness, Belmont Stakes and Triple Crown

One of the greatest joys I have while living on Roan Mountain is the daily interaction I have with my horse, General 'Trig' O Nometry.

Trig is a special horse because of his gentlemanly manners with very young children. During my years of owning horses, I've never known of a horse who loved little people more than my beloved 16 hands tall, 1400 pound, coal black Tennessee Walker. strange as it may sound when I bought this handsome gelding I chose him for many incredible traits but the seller never once mentioned Trig's demeanor with children. I didn't learn of that most excellent of equine characteristics until he was bought, delivered and settled in his barn up here on the Roan; then is when the grandchildren began coming up to meet him. Chandler Logan, our first born grandchild- now a college man- fell in love with Trig from the get go.

Savannah was the youngest at that time- God had not yet gifted us with her baby brother, Bowie- and next came Ryleigh and the older of this trio, Emmett. All three adored Trig and he, them. Trig began to wipe out- and does to this day- every step these kids take when up here visiting with Nana and Papa.

The four of them are adorable as the kids scavange around the grounds looking for arrowheads, interesting rocks, buckeyes and anything else that catches their fancy. All the while this huge, huggable horse of mine is right in the middle of the mix and he watches with curiosity their every move. I have finally come to think of the three grand kids as Kentucky Derby, Preakness, and Belmont Stakes with Trig being Triple Crown.

I hope you enjoy this short video taken recently when Savannah and Emmett were spending the weekend with Nana and Papa at Bear Cabin. Spending time together though without Preakness (Ryleigh) is always like having a grilled cheese sandwich without the cheese. Alas, Ryleigh lives near Nashville and doesn't get to come in and join us as often as we wish. Feeling the absence of Ryleigh, Emmett and Savannah asked to join me in Trig's early morning feeding. I offer this clip to let you see how very gentle Trig is with his little buddies.

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