Monday, July 6, 2015


A quiet walk in the woods with Savannah and she says with a sad voice…

"Nana, did you know my Poppy’s mommy is sick? Well, she is not sick. Her lung is sick."

"Oh, Savannah, how sad. What is her name?"

"I don’t know, Nana. It’s Granny Kate."

"Oh. Well do you know anything we can do for her, Sweetheart?"

Silence for awhile as we walk.

"Well, I think we can pray for her."

"Savannah, Nana thinks that is a wonderful idea. Would you like us to pray for Granny Kate right now, here in these beautiful woods?"


Silence again along the beautiful trail.

"I think we can pray when we get back", came the soft voice.

"That’s fine, Sweetie Pie. We can pray for your Granny then."

We get to the cabin and getting in the hot tub immediately bubbles up in that blonde little head.

While in the tub, I gently remind her we did not pray for Granny Kate. OH! Well, we should. So I turn the jets off and, pleased that she realized God does not care when or where we talk to Him, we joined hands.

Then Savannah firmly states she does want to do the praying and she likes that prayer ‘Now I lay me down to sleep’.

I know that Poppy and his mommy will appreciate little Savannah’s prayer today. And she really did not intend for Granny to go to sleep. She simply wants God to help her lung get better because
Granny Kate is not sick.


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