Sunday, September 27, 2015

Beds that Pack a Punch!

Bear Cabin and Jake's, our two cabins nestled privately in the woods on our property, have been essential when you have as many family members as we do. Family gatherings easily stretch from fun, day long visits to "Hey! Why don't ya'll spend the weekend?" Wonderful memories have already been made as we gather for back-to-back activities provided by living on the Roan that 'city living' simply cannot match.

Recently a friend, knowing we lived in the woods in cabins, sent me this incredible photo on Facebook and my reaction was WOW! This looks promising!

My mind immediately kicked into action. First, each of the cabins has an open loft and this built in bed concept would beat putting down blow up mattresses on the floor to augment the bed in each room. And the built-in beds would fit perfectly in the area of those lofts.

Then I realized once these built-ins were, well...built in, they were going to be there forever. It's not like you could take them out once they were in.

Not to worry. That would be perfect.

It was our dream when Tony and I bought Misty Hollow it would be kept in our family for generations to come, never to be sold. We envisioned, God willing, that our kids would hand this little piece of Heaven on earth down to our grandchildren and they to theirs. Having the built-in beds was a good insurance policy that a potential sale would possibly be thwarted in the future as not everyone would want two bedrooms with five beds built inside each with no way to remove them other than to chop them out. Bahahaha!

My little brain is now trying to figure how and when this little project will be starting. :-)

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