Sunday, October 25, 2015

Trig, Me, and the Great UT

Owning University of Tennessee season tickets for thirty- five years running is considered worthless now to my significant other and me since we have not been to a game to sit our rears in said seats for over twenty years. Sure, we are still fans. Sure, we still follow Big Orange. But also sure is we have four kids who grew up, three married with spouses, and they also are huge fans.

I know I speak for all parents ‘out there’ who would take a bullet for their kids so giving up your seats for their pleasure is a ‘parent thing’. We gladly turn those tickets over every week during home games when ‘It’s football time in Tennessee!’ to always grateful family members.

Now don’t feel forlorn for Tony and me. We do have one big game we go to every year and it is a favored tradition. No, it’s not in Knoxville but is at the home of lifelong friends where the same bunch of UT fans come together and enjoy a wonderful fall day of eating, drinking and being merry. Aside from watching the big game, the highlight is a low country boil prepared by our host outside the door of his massive game room.

Today, we all gathered for the Florida-UT game and we were pumped. The colors orange and white were on full display from clothing to hats to the beautiful décor our hostess displayed. When the game started though we all settled down and the pre-game camaraderie took a backseat to the UT machine on the field.  But, lo and behold, what looked like a ‘sure win’ for Tennessee slipped away at the very end with some fourth quarter magic from Florida bringing them from thirteen points behind.
Geez. In ninety seconds time at the very end, all in that room went from soaring like eagles to full-fledged panic  to crashing and burning. The Gators then beat us like a drum, 28-27. When we pulled back in to Misty Hollow later that day  I was greeted by my awesome horse as soon as the car pulled up. My Trig can always sense when his mama is ‘down’ so he stuck his muzzle right in my face and started planting sloppy kisses.
He then wanted to know if I wanted ‘to share’. It has been said 'all I pay my psychiatrist is the cost of feed and hay, and he’ll listen to me any ole day' so this is the exchange we had. 
Me: "Trig, I’m feeling pretty down. Dad and I just watched UT lose a football game at the last minute to the Florida Gators. And by one measly point!"
          Trig: "Uh, help me out here, Mom. What is a UT. And what is a gator?"
"Trig, for heaven’s sake…UT. U is the initial for University. T is the initial for Tennessee. That is the name of the university of the football team in Knoxville we support.  Never mind what a real gator is; well, it’s like a huge lizard but for right now it’s not relevant to the discussion. Just call the other team University of Florida."
"Mom, I sure hate knowing you are sad so help me get this straight. When the little children come up here on the mountain to our place, we get a ball and kick it back and forth and around our circle. So football must be something like that. So, your side had a ball and some gators ate it, right?"
"Trig, good grief. Just forget it. Your lack of understanding distresses me and drags me down even further."
"Mom, I hate you’re feelin’ bad but can you imagine how down those football people, uh…I think you called them your team, must feel? I mean, just think crappy. About as crappy as I felt when you fed me that bad banana and I left that disgusting pile out near the fence. Shouldn't you do something to make them feel better and that might make you feel better.
I thought this over for a moment and then realized my ole buddy may have stumbled onto something. I knew then what we could do! He and I would make a fan video and send it to the UT team and let them know in spite of what happened today, they have two fans here on Roan Mountain who love them and think they will forever and always be #1! I was feeling better already.
Me: "Trig, you are brilliant! Come on, we are going to make a UT fan video and show our support for the BIG ORANGE!
Trig: "Mom, what’s an orange?"

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