Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Snug as a Bug in the Mud on a Rug

We are blessed to have a creek that runs beside both Bear and Jake's Cabins up here on the Roan.  The area of the creek up beside Bear Cabin has a small waterfall that feeds down into a pool that provides so much fun for the kids and me.
One hot summer day when my puppies were spending the weekend up here at the cabin and activities were lagging I heard, "I'm bored". Like a streak of lightening, one of my brightest ideas to date shot into this blonde head of mine. I told the kids to get their swimsuits on and meet me at the pond. PRONTO!
When we were all standing pool side it was noted that the pond, usually filled with water, was thick with mud due to the lack of rain over the past week or so. It was then I informed the puppies we were going to take a mud bath...LET THE FUN BEGIN!
We hit the pond and a mud bath ensued. I told the kids women paid big bucks for expensive mud treatments like this in lavish salons. Then we imagined the mud pit was a grape vat in Italy and they learned how grapes were stomped to extract the juice for the wine making process. I would be hard pressed to find an orifice on a body that had not been invaded with mud.
When I decided to capture this photo for the Mom's shopping in Ashville to enjoy, Emmett insisted he would take it and Savannah refused to be in it. "You are crazy, Nana, if you think I want people to see me looking like this!", my six-year-old grandbaby wailed.

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